Best Operating Practice

LSVP has a wealth of experience in improving the Operational Practices of numerous businesses in a variety of different industries, through years worth of consulting services within the industry. Our consultancy service provides businesses in China and in the UK an opportunity to improve their commercial activity in both the Chinese and UK marketplace.

A typical project that LSVP would undertake to improve the operational performance for our clients is illustrated below in two stages

First Stage

During the first 3-6 months we will work in close consultation with your company by the end of which we will deliver a report on the specific areas in which your company, can improve its operating practices in China, or in the UK. The key areas that we will analyse when consulting with you are for example:

1. Cultural aspects of the UK or China (E.g. Business, Family and Interpersonal Relationships, Harmony, Respect for Age and Hierarchy, Loss of Face).
2. Cultural aspects of Negotiation with either China or the UK (E.g. Trust, Hospitality, General Principles, Government Relationships, Negotiating Team, Flexibility of Negotiation, Price, Tactics and Tricks, Conflict Resolution, Time Sense during meetings).
3. Decision Making Process within your company.
4. Quality and Operating Standards (Assess variations in quality, implement quality control, and carry out audits and managing KPI’s).
5. Core Competencies in the production process (E.g. Systems, technical, QA, management).
6. Best Practice for Shipping from China to alternative markets. (Example: Port, Freight Forwarder, Shipping Agent).
7. Environmental and Regulatory Policy.
8. Due Diligence in China.
9. Compliance Issues.
10. Employee Law, Labour and Human Resource Issues.
11. Anti-Corruption best practice (example: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Bribery and Kickbacks).
12. Legal and Business Trends.
13. Litigation and Arbitration.

Second Stage

Having produced a report, LSVP will then be hired on a specific project basis, as and when required.

An example of a recent project was where LSVP were required to locate a manufacturing facility for a new product opportunity and to organise the contract, factory audit, to attend the first production run and to arrange the logistics to Chinese ports.