Financial Services

Our team contains of FCA (FSA) Approved Persons who are experienced and qualified corporate financiers who will work with you, as part of your team, to complete your project – be it for a few days or for several months.

For example, if you are a Chinese business and you want to acquire a UK business or UK technology you may not have the confidence to initiate and negotiate an acquisition in the UK. We have many years’ ‘Big 4’ corporate finance and corporate licencing experience that you can access to help you search, appraise, approach and structure any offer, on the best possible terms for you given the current economic circumstances. The opportunities are tremendous at the current time. We have completed 140 UK corporate transactions – we know how to do them, what makes UK shareholders and directors tick and how to manage a transaction through to completion - and we will act in your best interests to get you the best deal. We can also introduce other professionals such as brokers and lawyers as appropriate to complete your UK advisory team with an eye to quality and cost effectiveness. We can also guide you to raise finance in the UK, if appropriate; from £100k from HNWIs or small institutions for a small project to many £millions from UK based VCs, VCTs and corporates for a larger transaction.

Many of our corporate clients are seeking to licence their patented technology or their products from the UK to China or vice versa. We have considerable expertise in corporate licence negotiation – from mechanical devices to software to genetically engineered enzymes and work closely with specialist patent agents where appropriate. Our job is to help you to negotiate the access and support you require to the technology at the lowest cost – be it assignment of the IP or exclusive licence or corporate acquisition and then to complete that deal. Sometimes licence negotiation is also associated with finance raising – this is our bread and butter. You can be sure whatever your sector specialism, one of our associates will have similar sector experience.

Whichever direction you are aiming, from China to UK or vice versa – we will align ourselves with your objectives, make them our own and provide you with our professional services to ensure you complete on the best terms.